We Eat Too Much Sugar Essay

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teeth, health, physically and mentally. I am going to be working on a science experiment with sugar. With this sugar experiment I would like to test out what would happen if you boil, freeze or dry out sugar, and to see how much sugar is in things we daily eat or eat sometimes. I would like to test out what sugar can do to you and if there are any cures for sugar. Maybe there could be like signs everywhere saying eat healthier and if people were more aware of how much sugar they consume a day, and how much it can affect your body, people might stop. Hopefully people will start becoming aware and eating more things with less sugar. I would like to try and experiment with sugar by maybe, boiling it and seeing how much sugar is actually how much sugar we…show more content…
The people of New Guinea were most likely the first to domesticate sugar cane around 8000 B.C. Then there is so much to talk about with the history of sugar. Sugar has come from cane sugar which was the first used by man in Polynesia from where it spread to India. In 510 BC the Emperor Darius of what was then Persia invaded India where he found "the reed which gives honey without bees". The secret of cane sugar, as with many other of man's discoveries. It was kept a closely guarded secret while the finished product was exported for a rich profit. In the mid-1950s a technique for producing a form of sugar syrup from corn starch was discovered. The product (now known as high fructose corn syrup) gradually replaced sucrose in the United States of America as the main form of sugar added to soft drinks and certain foods. It cannot be sold as crystals or table sugar because the mix of fructose and glucose exist in a syrup form. Although, it now accounts for almost half the consumption of sugar in the USA and somewhat less in Japan. Cheaper and more efficient techniques of production have led to ever increasing the amount of sugar
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