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Bari 1 Shawn Bari Period 3 Mr. Miko Science Fair Research Paper How do ankle weights affect the time of a 200 foot dash? Weight gain has been a major issue in American society today, especially in the newer generation. This generation is unhealthy because today, most people eat fast foods that have a lot of fat and calories, and sugar intake. Also, people do too many inactive things, such as watching TV, playing video games or something that requires little, to no energy. The average male weight in 1990 is 185 pounds and in 2015 has become 196 pounds. That is about a 6% increase of…show more content…
E.L Tarbox made ankle weights in 1970, to see how weight could affect running speed, and athletic performance. E.L. Tarbox wanted a solution for quick weight loss, so he figured out the added weights will make the body pump more blood and work harder, breaking more cells, and make your muscles more in fatigue. His conclusion led to him figuring out that with temporary weight, the body muscles work harder, so when the weight is removed, you have stronger muscles, and his experiment was a success. My project can make the world a better place, by showing that if people can lose a certain amount of weight, they can feel less weighed down, and overall, just better. A similar science fair project to mine is: “How does weight effect jumping distance” In that science fair project, different test subjects were required to jump three times, with, and without ankle weights. Then they would get the average, with and without the ankle weights. Then they will see how much the weight affects the jumping distance, and find the average. Bibliography:

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