Science Fiction Argumentative Analysis

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Science fiction is a genre that allows the author to delve into topics concerning the future. These topics consist of a myriad of ideas to explore into the future of mankind and how they affect the daily life of the average person. These stories give key insight to how the future might be. Topics can be unique, such as a new invention that changes the way civilizations work, a new weapon that causes intergalactic war, a new alien species that enslaves mankind, and more. The idea of the future allows for creativity. Ideally, the future is thought of progressive. The future should provide the answer to modern day issues. Problems of racism, gender, hunger, energy, and useless wars are no more. These modern day issues diverge from those of the…show more content…
This is an issue because science fiction encourages authors to explore the future. When authors remain in present day problems, it prevents advancements to address the problem, and allows the issue to remain stagnant. The problem of gender is an issue that society faces. One side of the argument is that traditional roles of men and women are constantly seen in science fiction. In the future, these roles would be gone and different more equal positions would take its place. However, the counter to this argument is that the critic misinterprets current science fiction and Women in science fiction are progressing. Ursula K. LeGuin and Alex Eisenstein are two science fiction authors that disagree on the current state of science fiction, specifically “Inconstant Moon” by Larry Niven. These two write articles that address the role of women in this story. LeGuin says that the heroine is simple-minded and a subordinate to the hero. While, Eisenstein would counter saying LeGuin article is an over analysis of Inconstant Moon. However, it is important to understand the time period of the debate and the reasoning behind each author. With an analytic approach to this debate, one can determine which side to take. Women in Science fiction have the same gender role as those in modern
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