Science Fiction Influence On Society

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There has been little investigation of the influence society has on science fiction as a genre. However, previous research, using various methodologies, has indicated a significant relationship between science fiction and society, but much of the research focuses on the inverse of my research question: how science fiction has influenced society, instead of how society influences science fiction. Within that relationship, several different aspects of science fiction have been studied, so they are included here for context. Previous Research: Because most of the current research in the field discusses the inverse relationship, I will briefly describe it here. Science fiction has long been known as a genre of prophecy. However, its influence on society goes much deeper than that. Critics and authors Alexei and Cory Panshin argue that science fiction has transcended mere literature and has instead attained myth-like status in our world. The reasoning behind their claim is that even as myths of old, such as gods and goddesses, taught people how to survive and function in their respective societies, science fiction also “tells modern people how to live in our own society, a society that relies on science and technology” (Klein). The influence that science fiction has on young adults has also been researched in the past. One important aspect of science fiction is that it encourages readers to connect with the text and engage critically with the topics (Liedl). This creates an
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