Advances In Computer Science

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In the past few decades, science and technology has been growing at a very rapid pace. One of the main reasons has been the advancement in Computer Science. The impact of computers in the daily life of a normal man is enormous. Right from paying electricity bills online to video calling friends/family, computers have redefined norms. It has made lives of so many people across the globe easier and more comfortable. With Computer Science, I wish to make a difference. In order to do so, I believe it is very important to be technologically adept. I strongly feel that the Master of Science in Computer Science program in your esteemed university will help realize my dreams.

From an early age, I have always had passion for Mathematics. I loved
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It was basically a Text Independent Speaker Recognition System. It involved two stages speaker modelling in which,It would take the voice samples from the individual as an input pre-processed for noise removal, then extracting a speaker specific characters using Hidden Markov Model, using these user specific characters to generate a model for each individual which can be used for identification using Gaussian Mixture Model. The second stage was the user identification wherein all the steps previously mentioned was performed on random input voice sample, finally identifying the correct speaker using the clustering K-Means Algorithm. I had to study many concepts of signal processing and AI like feature extraction algorithms, clustering algorithms and pattern matching algorithms. In this project we encountered several challenges during each of the stages. After several iterations of finding the best fit algorithms, we accomplished this task of Speaker Recognition with an appreciable accuracy. The joy in successful execution of the project was immense and made me realize my potential to pursue research in this…show more content…
Machine learning algorithms like K-Means Algorithm was applied on the data collected using Apache Spark which helps in real time analysis of the vast Hadoop data to help find the customer segments who tend to fraud in Insurance claims. Being a part of the Data Analytics Capability in Accenture, I’ve played the role of Subject Matter Expert(SME) in few project implementations on Hadoop. My experience of working in Accenture has been hugely satisfying and a towering learn
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