Science Motivation And Science Observation

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During a science observation, which the teacher was absent for, the class was expected to complete packets based on readings found online and provided by the teacher. During observations Alex did not complete the work expected. During the first observation a 1 minute whole interval time sample data collection method was used to assess if Alex was on-task at the end of the interval. Alex was off-task 100% of intervals. Either engaging in non-verbal or verbal off-task behaviors within the interval. Alex was observed walking around the room, singing songs, talking with peers across the classroom, and chewing on a pen that he later tried to blow thru the top of to make the piece of plastic he put in come out (i.e. like a spitball but with another part of the pen). When redirected by both the substitute and a para within the classroom Alex would quiet down. It should be noted that this did not have lasting effects and Alex would engage in another topography of off-task within 2 minutes of the redirection. A second observation was then scheduled for science, again students were expected to complete a packet with the substitute. Alex arrived late to class saying he was with the nurse. He was given the packet and brought up to speed. 1 minute whole interval recording was used. Alex was dismissed during the class period due to illness when his family came to pick him up. During the time in class Alex was not observed moving around the classroom or talking to

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