Science National Honor Society Application Essay

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After summer break, I returned to Westlake High School for my junior year, feeling as if something was missing. The decision to spearhead the creation of a chapter of the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) at my school arose because of my desire to establish a niche where high school students could express their shared passion for the sciences. The SNHS would provide enlightening scientific activities and opportunities for students, and the Science club would serve as a path to introduce members into the society. I initially proposed the creation of the society in a meeting with the Principal and Board of Education. Quite a few obstacles had to be overcome to start a new organization in the school. As part of the proposal, I wrote a concise, detailed document that included tentative guideline of events. In addition, I researched and formulated bylaws with enhanced requirements for admission into the society to fit the standard of high-achieving students at Westlake. I recruited a team of officers to help implement my ideas, and found spirited teachers to be the faculty…show more content…
The first year, the Science National Honor Society inducted eight students, including myself. As the first President of the Society, my officers and I developed a weekly peer tutoring schedule in the four main science courses offered at our school, a yearly engineer-off (a competition where students are tasked to produce a specific model and compete to see whose design is the most creative and efficient at the assigned task), and sponsored events for teachers to demonstrate engaging science experiments to students. Additionally, all the officers designed presentations pertaining to various scientific careers, and inspired members to explore further into STEM related
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