Science Or Shaky Evidence: A Comparative Analysis

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“Do we live in the past and use the modern way or do we live in the future and live the new lifestyle”? Take dogs as an example, they have a unique sense of smell that human beings don’t have. Dogs are domestic animals but we don’t think of them as much help in crimes. “Dogs and the scent of a crime scene: Science or Shaky Evidence”? Both passage 1 and 2 have the case where they are using dogs to help improve law enforcement but sometimes using the dogs isn’t always the way to go if you’re really in need of help. Presently, dogs are an animal that you can always rely on to always be there for you and always help in you anything. According to passage 2, using dogs could save massive amount of man power, money and time when on an investigation. Using dogs would help in many forms because dogs are equipped with noses that are remarkably built for scenting even in the smallest tightest places ever. In any case a dog might be useful but new technology has been developed after all this years so now we have machines that are always better at task than an animals. Every year technology has developed more, we no longer need a dog to sniff their way back home, and we now have gps on our phone that can lead us to our front door.…show more content…
According to passage 1, dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Enforcement world wide have been using dogs so they can get a drug bust or capture a fugitive because dogs have a greater sense of smell than humans, the bigger the dogs is the more he can smell. Unfortunately, sometimes the best trained dogs don’t always get the job done. Over the years, dogs have mislead law enforcement to the wrong person for some crime they haven’t done, those people have either been put in jail or been charge with something they haven’t

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