Science Reflection Essay

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Solids, Liquids and Gases 5
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The water cycle 6
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Outcomes of activity 2 7
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The purpose of this essay is to describe my perception concerning science before my lectures that discussed science in detail. This essay will further discuss how my perception has changed after. Furthermore it will discuss the importance of Natural science and why it should be taught in schools.

I was in a position where, I would think that science was just false so that mankind could show his ‘intelligence’. I thought a scientist was an elderly man with very untidy hair who wore glasses and always wore a white coat that would just mix bubbling concoctions and called it whatever fancy. But my perception has changed. Scientists don’t have to look the way I thought a scientist can look the complete opposite. I see that science is definitely not something made up; it is indeed intelligence and life.
Science is important because it is basically the reason why we know how everything works. It is knowledge that we gain through studying and experimenting. Science shows us facts and general laws, such as why, when, where and how. Science is what makes us understand the world around us, like the sky and everything in it during the day and night time,
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