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Solids, Liquids and Gases 5
Classroom Activity 1 5
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The purpose of this essay is to describe my perception concerning science before my lectures that discussed science in detail. This essay will further discuss how my perception has changed after. Furthermore it will discuss the importance of Natural science and why it should be taught in schools.

I was in a position where, I would think that science was just false so that mankind could show his ‘intelligence’. I thought a
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This essay has further discussed how my perception has changed thereafter. Furthermore it has discussed the importance of Natural science and reasons why it should be taught in schools.

Solids, Liquids and Gases
Classroom Activity 1

1. Name the three states in which materials around us can be found? (3)
_________________, _________________ and _____________ 2. How are solids different from liquids in keeping their shape? (1)

3. Explain why a liquid flows into the shape of the container it is poured into?(1)

4. Complete the table below (3)
a) Put a tick ( ) in the correct column.
b) Explain why by referring to the shape of the material

Material Solid Liquid Gas Explanation or Reason
Plastic rule
Steam from a kettle

Do some research to find out why cooking gas is kept in a pressurized gas cylinder? (2)
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Furthermore they should be able to categorize solids, liquids and gas. And lastly gain knowledge on why gases are kept sealed, in pressurized containers. All in all this will give them basic knowledge on solids, liquids and gases.
Outcomes of activity 2
Learners must be able to able to identify changes of state, that liquids can change to solids and solids to liquids, and that gas also can be changed into a liquid, from a liquid into a gas. It can work in a triangular like process. They must be able to say that when a solid changes to a liquid we call it has ‘melted’ example when ice turns to water we call that process melting. They should be able to tell us that oxygen is a gas, and that liquids can take shape of any objects. When covered students
Outcomes of activity

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