Science Reflection

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When my siblings watched their favorite television programs, I drew sketches in the living room, which placed the mantel of the ‘family artist’ on me! At school, my teachers told me to nurture my creativity and use my imagination. Having run out of paper, one summer Sunday, at five years, I decided to watch Ted Talks. My decision to do so opened a window into a fascinating world. Before, I knew it, I was riveted to the computer screen, as I watched nimble fingers draw an electronic switch on ferrous paper, use magnetic electronic pieces and add a microcontroller that enhanced the device’s capabilities. Also, watching an octopus-like drawing metamorphose into a piano, capable of playing the Adagio, the Fifth Symphony and the Four Seasons, left me speechless. Thereafter, I watched TED Youth 2011 video ‘How to Sketch with Electronics’ by Leah Buechley of the MIT Media Lab, innumerable times. My viewing of the video unraveled an ideal way to combine my two passions, art and problem solving and I knew that the best way forward would be treading the Science stream route in high school.

My class of seniors had been held prisoner since school began, by the force of the Indian Monsoon – it had been pelting the whole day and we did not see any signs of respite. That by default led to an impromptu physics laboratory class on the importance of microcontrollers. “If a circuit were the human body, then this tiny system would be the brain,” said our supervisor and peaked my interest. In
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