Science Reflection Paper

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The earliest memories I have when it comes to science was 7th grade I made my first interaction with physical science. The whole process of having lab instructions to follow and observations to make, it was a new kind of thinking process. In one of the first experiments, we combined corn starch with water creating a liquid/gooey substance but when force was put on it, the substance would be solid. That experiment stood out to me because I remember not thinking it could be both solid when you squeeze it and liquid like when you let go. I had a hypothesis that said the form of the substance wouldn’t change so when I saw that it did indeed change, my science mind started turning. We did another experiment with boiling water and empty pop cans. We filled an empty pop can with some boiling water and placed it on a burner to heat up just enough so we could start to see a little steam coming out of the top. We then took it off the heat and quickly flipped it upside down in a bowl of boiling water and watched as the can crushed up. This air pressure experiment was so fascinating to me and I remember having to do my first lab report on this experiment. We were introduced on the process of writing a lab report and I remember thinking this might be the coolest or smartest I had ever felt in my entire life (as much as I could at the age of 12 years old). These experiences stood out to me the most because with being homeschooled at the time, I felt like I was ready to start at the
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