Science Vs. Nature In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birthmark

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I wonder what type of theme Nathaniel Hawthorne was trying to prove in this story? In my opinion the theme is Science versus Nature. There are many ways to prove this in “The Birthmark.” First being through Aylmer and the second being through the narrator (Nathaniel Hawthorne). “The Birthmark” is a parable that teaches that science can not rule over nature’s way of life. Moreover “The Birthmark” could say that man is not perfect, but the flaws of man make each one special.

In “The Birthmark” Aylmer tries the role of a scientist to play God. In Aylmer’s previous works he found out the causes that started the fires of the volcano and how they were able to keep on burning, and had figured out the mystery of fountains, and how they gush forth and their uses. Aylmer also attempted to understand the process of nature and how it influenced earth and the air. Additionally Aylmer made a powerful poison in which he could determine how long or how short a person lived, and a cosmetic that could erase freckles easy as washing your hands. Aylmer told of all of these works to Georgiana to show her that he could erase the birthmark on Georgiana’s cheek. Aylmer has confidence that he could draw a magic circle around Georgiana in which no evil could intrude. In “The
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This theme in “The Birthmark” is saying that If you try to make science (play God) rule over nature’s world, then you may end up messing your whole entire world up like Aylmer did when he tried to make Georgiana the most perfect woman ever. Aylmer would always find a flaw in Georgiana and never be truly happy. To me in ”The Birthmark” it states that you may see man’s flaws, but there is nothing wrong with them it is just what makes each one of us special. Nature will always win over science because nature has been here since the beginning of time. Ordinarily man tries to prove with science how things are created or why things exist, but nature always has an
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