Science Vs. Progress In The Progressive Era

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Many of us would think that progress is the best thing that it can happen because as the word says we are progressing to something better. But that’s not the case in the progressive Era yes it was good but it was happening too fast for the people. There were inventions that people have never Seen before, new ideas were emerging from science. People were being exposed to ideas that were very different to what they being raised. The relationship between science and progress in the progressive Era is that science is Was better understand as we progress was occurring. As we progress science is involving at the same time there is no way we can involve without science be involving also. Reformers joined the movement during the progressive Era because …show more content…

In today’s world, you can have your baby with blue eyes, perfect height, and how you want your baby to look when is old. Now we can even make a baby be born smart because now scientists are more specialized in genetic and how the genes work. For example, if women can’t have babies she can rent a belly from another woman so she can have the baby but the baby is going to have the DNA of the women who can’t have babies, not of the other woman. Is pretty impressive how today scientist can modify genetically the genes of babies before they are even born. Now in today’s world is almost possible to create the perfect baby if we want. It is impressive that this idea originated from a period of time where there was little knowledge about genes. In conclusion, the idea of eugenics develops during the progressive era and it affect many people during this period of time. This idea of eugenics was where more progress occurs in science. Well not all about the idea of eugenics is bad is has some good points like it can reduce number of babies born with some mental illness or some with really bad illness. Science help this to be possible because we progress in science as the time passes. As we continue to progress science would also progress because science is what has us where we are

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