Religion: Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Christina Malkoun
REG 213
Dr. Jerome Daher
Science and Religion
Man’s attempt to understand the universe resulted in the foundation of science and religion. Science and religion have both influenced lives all throughout history. Societies, technologies and ethics all developed because of scientific discoveries and religious teachings. Science and religion debated about the origin of the universe, the meaning of life, the occurrences of phenomena, and gave different answers. Science depends on the scientific method to obtain accurate results, whereas, religion is a collection of miracles and myths. This difference in perspective and the different methods of logic and thinking adopted by each of science and religion aroused the conflicts between
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Many believed that science and religion complete each other, and are in fact compatible since a person can be both a devout Christian and a man of science at the same time. Religious men who have contributed to scientific development include Mendel, Lemaitre, and Bacon. Many scientists also dedicated their work to religion. They believed that natural phenomena are organized by a rational God. Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Faraday, Maxwell, and Pasteur were all very religious men. As said by Louis Pasteur, the father of microbiology and the developer of “pasteurization”, “The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the…show more content…
Unlike science, the material subject, religion is more concerned in ethics and moral implications. The Catholic Church, even after two millenniums of its existence, still plays the role of giving value to the Christian faith. First, there is the Catholic’s Church defense of life. This is conveyed through the Church’s opposition of abortion, euthanasia (mercy killing), suicide, and all methods that justify the “need” to end one’s life. Life is a right to every person and ending it, no matter how much a person suffers, is against the teachings of the Church. Putting it differently, there is no valid excuse for ending a life. After all, Christianity gives meaning and purpose for all suffering and pain; man is not just a material machine, he has the spiritual essence present in him that distinguishes man from matter. Therefore, the first way in which Christians live a spiritual life through religion is by giving life with all its pains value and a higher
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