Science Vs Supernatural

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Sciences are all the disciplines including physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, medicine, etc. The word "science" comes from the Latin "scientia" which itself comes from the word "scire" (to know). Without science, we are nothing because that is what allows us to move forward and grow: understanding our universe, improve our living conditions, to advance society and humanity. That is why science is powerful. Knowledge gives humans the possibility to go beyond the satisfaction of their needs and many inventions have been born with a knowledge always more bigger. Nowadays, we can call someone in the other side of the world, travelling by car; by plane, treat many disease, build towers which can measure one kilometer…show more content…
The supernatural is the set of phenomena whose causes and circumstances are not scientifically known and cannot be reproduced at will. Therefore, the supernatural cannot be studied by the scientific method, or the experimental method. Without explanation, supernatural phenomena are sometimes attributed to divine intervention (eg miracles) or demonic, or spirits (ghosts, possession), or "magic" practices. Science cannot answer questions about the supernatural, because it is above nature, it is inexplicable. A scientist knows only natural laws of the universe by examples, but the supernatural matters are out of their mind. These supernatural things may be issues of religion, faith, ... The irrational supernatural is often done in areas such as religion and the paranormal, areas which are based on ideas that "exceed" what humanity can truly identify, and where there is no evidence as to science. The supernatural is based heavily on subjectivity, our individual perception of an event according to our personality and our opinions, while science is a set of knowledge. So there is a contrast between the supernatural and science. For example, Science can't prove the existence of ghosts, the existence of the UFO (unidentified flying object)

To conclude, we saw that the limits of science are subjective and temporary. scientists need real proof to be able to make moral judgments. As for aesthetic judgments, we have each a different opinion, there is no better view than the other so again science cannot judge the beauty of something. And the side of the paranormal and the supernatural, science cannot explain these facts because sometimes there may be religious reasons or otherwise totally
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