Scientia Potentia Est Analysis

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The division between the psyche and the body is explained in "Scientia Potentia Est," one of the strongest episodes of The Crown yet. Elizabeth may lead a physically extravagant existence, yet it 's turning out to be increasingly clear exactly how much her limited education is holding her back. She 's acutely aware that, while the important men around her earned their positions with their insight, she earned hers exclusively through the ideals of her birth. In any case, those extraordinary men have their own particular issues as well. For all their instruction and experience, Winston Churchill and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden are being deceived by their bodies. Churchill endures not one but rather two strokes while Eden is left similarly…show more content…
Furthermore, that implies the British legislative framework isn 't working the way it should. As young Elizabeth learns from her tutor at Eton, there must be concordance and trust between the cabinet which makes and executes policy, and the monarch which gives emblematic authenticity to those laws. In any case, that relationship is tossed into disarray as the cabinet fabricates progressively convoluted lies to conceal the degree of Churchill and Eden 's ailments from the queen.
It 's a continuation of the old versus new, man versus woman undercurrents the show has been investigating since the start. In any case, the mind versus body dynamic gives "Scientia Potentia Est" a more particular concentration and drive. It 's another scene that puts Elizabeth in the center and it gives us our most grounded view of our Elizabeth.
There 's a genuine sadness in Elizabeth 's attention to her own confinements. She isn 't idiotic—in fact, she 's surprisingly instinctive in her political dealings—however, she doesn 't have the tools to completely give her exercise her mind. Her parents raised her to be a gracious princess with an exhaustive education of law, yet it never jumped out at them that she may need to know the basics of science, math, writing, and history. She swings discussions to the things she knows of because they 're the only subjects she feels good discussing. Be that as it may, after months of feeling deficient, she chooses to enroll the assistance of a tutor named
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