Scientific Advancement In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Essay
In Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, she shows a new and different way of scientific advancement. Her book goes through the fictional tale of Frankenstein’s relationship with the creature he created. From the beginning of the book to the end Frankenstein chooses to neglect the creature, causing a plethora of pain and loss for himself. Throughout this essay I will talk about the many dangers of scientific advancement and the responsibility I believe you need to advance science.
Frankenstein believed since he was young that he was destined for “great enterprise”, and that he could not let himself be “ranked among common projector”. He thought he possessed such exceptional talent that he couldn't live with the grief of letting that talent go to waste. Two of the main reasons for his creation. He had many ideas about what he wanted to create, essentially not thinking about the possible consequences of his actions.
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Only hours later traumatic events started to begin, Frankenstein's younger brother was brutally murdered then his sister was framed and convicted to death penalty.Frankenstein's wife was killed during their wedding night and one of his closest friends befell the same fate days later, because of these actions, I think Frankenstein was not ready to create the monster.
I do not think Frankenstein was ready for all the possible outcomes of his creation, therefore not giving him chance. If someone were to try to make scientific advancements, they should be ready to accept whatever happens or how the experiment may turn out. Not everything goes as plan; a fact that needs to remembered. This would greatly benefit our society because the disasters that occurred in the book then will not occur in real
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