The Scientific Revolution In The Elizabethan Era

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“The Elizabethan Period was the age of the Renaissance, of new ideas and new thinking” (Alchin). It was a time of many advances in a large variety of fields. Some of the most notorious advances during this time were in the field of science. Overall, the most well-known revolutions in science of the Elizabethan Era are attributed to the Scientific Revolution, which brought about many changes, especially in astronomy, physics, and mathematics, and innovations, which had a strong impact on the way of life during this time.
The Scientific Revolution “refers to historical changes in thought & belief, to changes in social & institutional organization, that unfolded in Europe between roughly 1550-1700” (Hatch). This revolution was a time to replace
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The Enlightenment was the era that followed the Scientific Revolution, and it was heavily influenced by the revolution. It did this by “extending its ideas to new disciplines such as demography, the science of man, and anthropology; by transforming chemistry, the life sciences (biology), and the study of electricity; and by vastly developing the power of mathematics as the language of science” (Reill & Wilson). Lastly, the Scientific Revolution, along with the Enlightenment, helped to pave the way for science as is known to this…show more content…
Artists during this period used science to study the body to improve on their images and depictions of the human body in their artworks. Similarly, architects and builders used math and science to make developments to their architecture. “The true geniuses of the time were often both artists and scientists” ("Renaissance Science and Inventions"). Science also had a great impact on writing of the time. Writers like Shakespeare mentioned science and new developments in their works numerous
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