Scientific Revolution Letter: Galileo

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Scientific Revolution Letter
By:Yeraldyne Molina

Galileo, is one of the best scientists in history, he can think and act more fluently than other people. He should be set free, because if you don’t, nobody is going to make another invention that will make your life even better, or the next generations.

Galileo has made many discoveries, other people couldn’t even imagine! He noticed that the planets,Mercury and Venus pass through phases just like the Moon. The only way they could do that is, if they circled the Sun, and not the Earth. And most importantly of all, Galileo discovered that there are four moons around Jupiter. This meant that everything in the Universe did not circle the Earth. Well of course Galileo only made discoveries in …show more content…

Another reason is that we wouldn’t have been able to see that Jupiter has 4 large moons, without it. Discoveries can mean a lot to humanity, that’s how we have evolved since, ancient times. His discoveries have made a big difference in the world. If it wasn’t for him we still would have thought that the moon was smooth, but with his telescope he saw that it had craters, valleys, mountains, and a geographical terrain. How his discoveries have impacted our lives, is that we would have had a little bit of knowledge of space, or even the universe. Another reason how it can impact our lives, is that if he didn’t support the Copernican system that stated that planets orbit the sun rather than the Earth as the Catholic Church said at the time, we would have still thought that we are the center of the …show more content…

He is the reason that we know that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe, the Sun is. People would have believed you guys, even though you guys are totally wrong, and are just following and believing what the bible says. I know you guys think he is crazy just because he said, and showed you that the moon isn’t smooth at all, but what he says is true, if you don’t believe him, don’t but he is telling the truth. You guys are wrong, for example in the picture from the Scientific Revolution DBQ it shows Galileo showing the pope that the moon has craters, and the pope is thinking to knocking some sense into him, because he thinks he’s crazy. Another reason why you guys are wrong and should free Galileo from prison is that you guys ordered Galileo to turn himself into the Holy Office to begin trial for holding the belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun, which was deemed heretical by you guys. He didn’t even do anything wrong he was just saying his belief, I know you guys say he copied it from the bible, but he didn’t know, it 's not his

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