Scientific Theory: Waknesses Of The Big Bang Theory

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Takudzwa A Denhere
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The big bang theory and its history
The big bang is not theoretical, it is a presumption. It is an attempt to explain what happened at the very beginning our universe. Some scientists do define it as an accepted knowledge which explains much on how the earth was created and that is the universe. The findings of the research in the study of the physics and astronomy have openly shown
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Therefore big bang theory has its weakness and after the first book of the Bible , genesis, discussions on the creation that God erschafft the world by his eternal force and of one vote, so that the history of the big bang theory gemi¿½ the wide of the mark since that Christians, we believe in the word of God, that he the heaven and earth and God is allwissenheit. God has created the earth and the universe, and also in the Gospel of John-1 The 1, the beginning was the word and the word is God, and God was the word, so that the substance of the theory of the big bang is not by the Christians, because we believe in regard to the Bible tells us that the other weakness of the theory, that it shows that the dim arrived earlier that the earth , but the Bible says clearly, that God land before the green (Sun). In addition light God has created the first day, with the world, but the sun has been produced on the 4 day of creation and the Genesis 1 means that God has created a temporary system Light until it replaced by a permanent system Light (sun, moon, stars) The 4 day. The scientists can demonstrate that, in the eyes of Jean-Calvin , he has found that a 24-hour day/night cycle is not necessary to sun, it does not request that the rotation of the earth and the light
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