Scientology And Scientology: The Church Of Scientology

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Beginning in the mind of a troubled and delusional science fiction author, Scientology has grown to become one of the most controversial body of beliefs since the dawn of its creation in 1960. The Church of Scientology uses marketing technics to lure men and women into its cult-like sector and, while doing so, ruins the lives of everyone in its wake. Although the Church of Scientology claims to help the human condition by ridding the minds of its followers of terrible past life experiences so that they may reach their untapped potential, the Church of Scientology is a profit-making cult driven by greed, power, and gaining a worldwide following and ultimately ruins the lives of its followers. Science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology…show more content…
The Church of Scientology boasts 700 centers in 65 countries. The Church of Scientology attempts to recruit new members heavily by using deceptive advertising. Not only does the Church have a nice, clean-cut website with limitless information about the Church of Scientology and its so called ‘life-changing’ practices. “Its Life Improvement Centers and Oxford Capacity Analysis (personality test) are two points of contact that aim to draw newcomers to the religion (Spohrer 107). Spohrer says he focuses on the church’s internet presence because the church of Scientology sees the internet as “one of the most—if not the most—important technological advances in the field of communication” (109). The church’s site is vast, sophisticated, and full of rhetorical consumerism (108) However, in more recent years, the Church of Scientology’s membership has decreased; I guess the church’s dark motives are being brought to light. This is thanks in part to HBO’s Documentary: Scientology: The Prison of Belief. The Church of Scientology is driven by greed and the idea of gaining more followers so that it may eventually gain complete world domination, and this must be brought to an abrupt…show more content…
People have a constitutional right to believe in any religion of their choice, but what if the religion is being a detriment to them? After the Church of Scientology peeks one’s curiosity, sucks him or her in, and bleeds him or her dry, it is too late. Let us look at the unfortunate life of Harriet Baker. Harriet Baker, a widow of a former Scientologist, began auditing sessions in an attempt to cure her grief. After she realized the church was taking her money, she demanded a $27,000 refund. Baker never received the money and, financially strapped, sold her house (Behar 56). Mrs. Baker is not alone. Many dentists have been drawn into the Church of Scientology and have regretted their interest. Dentist Robert Geary contends that Scientologists not only called his bank to increase his credit card limit, but also forged his signature on a $20,000 loan application. At one point, Geary claims, Scientologists even held his wife, Dorothy, hostage for two weeks in a mountain cabin, after which she was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. The Church of Scientology not only takes the money of its followers, but it has also takes a lives. Noah Lottick, a former member of Scientology, was a Russian Studies student who committed suicide shortly after leaving the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology just is not good for
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