Light Collection Essay

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\subsection{Light collection and scintillator mounting}
\label{sec:Light collection and scintillator mounting}

The charged particle that passes through the scintillator produces excitations and ionizations track throughout its path. This leads to the emission of photons isotropically in the scintillator. Ideally, the largest possible fraction of the produced light has to be collected and analyzed. But in practical cases, two effects arise that lead to less than perfect light collection: optical self-absorption within the scintillator and losses at the scintillator surfaces. In the case of small size scintillators, self-absorption is usually not a significant loss mechanism. Therefore, uniformity of the light collection normally depends
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Therefore, scintillators along with light guides and cookies were wrapped with specular-reflector aluminium tape and tyvek paper. Care was taken to avoid the inclusion of microscopic air bubbles that represent large local changes in refractive index while wraping the reflectors. The scintillator must be shielded from ambient room light. Therefore, on top of tyvek paper the scintillators were wrapped with tedler paper followed by a layer of black tape. While wrappig the above material, special attention was paid to corners and sharp bends of the scintillator where light leakes will most likely occur. The scintillators after mounting with the required material are shown in

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