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Product: Scissors
Materials Used: Stainless Steel and Polypropylene (PP) Plastic
What is a Scissor?
The word scissor comes from the combination of ‘cisoria’, which means cutting tool and ‘scinder’ which means to cut in Latin. Scissors are used for cutting thin materials, such as paper, aluminum foil, hair, rope, wire etc.
The earliest scissors are known to exist in 2000 B.C in the Middle East. It consisted of two bronze blades, which were connected with a thin bronze strip. The origin of today’s scissors, pivoted scissors, whose blades were bronze or iron, were used in ancient Rome, Japan, and Korea. Blades were, and still are, connected at a point.
Another kind of scissors, spring scissors, were used during
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Properties: Mechanical strength increases with more alloy addition, but atomic structure of types of stainless steel has more impact on it. Martensitic stainless steel can be hardened by heat treatment. Precipitation hardening stainless steels are strengthened by heat treatment, but use a different mechanism to the martensitic types. Very small particles are formed by the appropriate heat treatment and act a strengthening role in the steel matrix.
Ferritic, duplex and austenitic steels cannot be strengthened or hardened by heat treatment, however they respond to cold degrees as a strengthening
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It has high resistance against fatigue and strong against damages, which makes it prior material for daily life tool. Its fraction constant is relatively low and it is insulator, which prevents the person from possible electrical shock. It is barely affected by temperature, since its melting temperature is between 130-171 °C.
These factors make stainless steel and PP plastic to be used in scissor manufacture.
The scissor that I chose is a paper scissors. It is around 50 grams, 15 is PP plastic and the rest, 35 grams is stainless steel. Mean price for stainless steel in industry is 2.40 $/Kg, which makes the stainless steel inside our product cost 0.084 $. Approximate polypropylene price is 1 $, which means 0.015 $ was spent to produce the PP on our scissor. The total is around 0.1 $ = 0.3 TL. Even though the money spent in manufacturing a single scissor is 0.3 TL, stationaries sell scissors around 3 TL, which is the 1000% of the money spent for a

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