Scoliosis Informative Speech Outline

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I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: Let me begin my speech with a brief story. This event took place about a year ago when I was 18 years old. One day while I was working as a part-time worker in a shopping complex, I received a message stated that I was accepted for an exclusive interview in UPNM to further my study in the medical foundation . I was ecstatic. It was all I ever dreamt of since I was in high school. Then I went to the interview and had few sessions. But when it came to a physical training session, I failed and had to go to the clinic due to severe pain in my back. It shocked me when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Unfortunately, my dream was crushed by scoliosis. B. Relevancy Statement: When I reflected back my lifestyle before I aware that I am suffering from scoliosis, it did not shock me at all. I realized how much I have taken for granted this vital organ and abused it by my daily activity and lifestyle as well. After studying and researching for this particular topic, it made me understand how important for us to have a well-functioning healthy spine in order to enjoy our lives. C. Credibility Statement: Today, I would like to talk about first, the importance of back care, second, how to take care our spine in proper ways and finally, diseases related to back pain. (Transition: I will begin by telling you the importance of proper back care. ) II. Body: A. First and foremost, our spine acts as a pillar that takes body weight and plays

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