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So what makes electric motor scooters a value for kids? When it comes to kids electric scooters the equation simplifies to speed: the faster the better. For concerned parents speed may be an issue. The idea of their child or teenager scooting along at 15 plus miles per hour is not an inviting prospect. However, electric scooters do not require gas, are nearly inaudible, and cheap electric scooters are easily found. What needs to be found is a compromise between the child 's desire for speed and the parents assurance for scooter safety. Parents, every scooter will display speed on the specifications chart. If you are buying a powered scooter from a retail establishment it should be on the box. If not, go online and look for the purchased brand and it should not be too difficult to find the specifications. For convenience, scooters for sale online should have speeds posted below the product. Take solace in the fact that the posted speeds for a given scooter are dramatically influenced by rider weight, terrain, and motor power. For example, many kids ' electric scooters are limited to a top speed of 15mph but more than likely will not see…show more content…
For younger children smaller electric motor scooters, like the X-10, are an excellent starter scooter. X-Treme, the manufacturer of the X-10, offers scooters for a wide range of electric scooters. Razor is a well know, but usually pricier option, which also offers beginner and mid-line scooters. If your child is just entering their growth spurt or are around the age of 7-8 it is advisable to choose a mid-size scooter. Like bikes, children outgrow scooters quickly but the speed increase is negligible. Mid-size scooters usually offer more power which means more weight can be added without a serious deprivation in power. Consumers with young kids 8-10 often choose units like the X-140 or X-250 which allows their child to use the scooter longer than a year or

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