Scope Of Counselling Case Study

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Scope of Counselling Counselling can be educational, personal/social, and/or vocational. Educational counselling assists students in making right decisions about their educational choices such as the courses they want to take up, and decide on what interests and skills they want to develop. Some schools refer this as academic counselling. Academic counselling assists students in improving their performance academically and counsellors try to look into the different factors for the decline or increase of students’ grades. Career choices, on the other hand, are catered in vocational counselling or guidance and career counselling. Another form of counselling is the personal/social. It deals with emotional distress and behavioural difficulties which would usually arise when an individual struggles to deal with changes and developments. It is inevitable that any aspect of development needs adjustment problem but at times this may lead to some bigger challenges that need immediate intervention of some counsellors. Some of these challenges are anxiety over career choices, interpersonal conflicts which led to unmanageable anger, insecurities, depression, guilt and remorse, and grief. Counselling vs. Psychotherapy Both counselling and psychotherapy provide a confidential space which to explore personal difficulties, and the two works put greater emphasis on self-awareness and personal therapy for ongoing development. Below are the differences of counselling and psychotherapy
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