Limitation Of Project Management

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Project management is the collection of skills, tools and system design whereby you apply the knowledge, method and techniques to the project activities to meet specific success criteria. Initiation of the project includes defining the nature and the scope of the project and planning around in terms of resources, budget and time once the project plan has been laid down the project can start, it is the project managers responsibility to monitor and control the project.
Before initiating any project, one needs to understand the nature and uniqueness of the project, thus to understand the scope of work, project managers need to be knowledgeable in different aspects of the project thus to know how different activities are carried out because managing
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Since a project involves group of people coming together for a single objective, errors which includes compromising on quality due to the speed of workmanship or budget constrain or poor project planning and monitoring may happen. A project manager should be an ethical thinker and a good decision maker, should take hold of the project and know what is going on.
Project management is broad and different to other management, project management is a generic management and it’s temporal, it is not focused on departments or continuation it is focused on people, task and systems, the focus is to build a team and quickly forging that team to successfully closedown the project. Other managements are ongoing assessments and at most times they are departments and their work is
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Project closeout report – Is the project phase review and is the last major phase of the project lifecycle. This is the phase where you actually review the project’s performance. It confirms that client has formally accepted the project outcome and operational procedure, documentation and reference material is in place. It formalise the closing of the project.
The team benefit mostly when there’s a successful project closing. It is also a disadvantage due to when the project close even their job end though there are UIF (unemployment Insurance Funds). Looking at the bright side of it, they gain experience and get to improve their techniques and learning/gaining more knowledge. If the teams were doing very good at their work they’ll get to be recommended by the people they were working with, it’s a way of advertising/show-offing their work.
Project work is a temporal and unique assignment, when there’s a project closeout report it confirms a successful project work because after the report the project is formally closed which result in a temporal project and the coming project won’t be the same as the closed on, it will be unique. The more you closeout projects it opens up a space for you to receive more projects, that becomes your life business, running temporal and unique

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