Scopee Island-Personal Narrative

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One day on May 2nd 1920, I Matt winiker went on a boat ride to unmarked territory with my two brothers. The last thing I remember is that on June 1st my boat crashed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Now I am stranded on this damp, wet, muddy, island looking for my brothers. All I have now is a machete and a flare gun. For the last few days, I have been searching for my two brothers and I have only found a few traces of them. Then half an hour later I heard some rustling in the bushes.” Hey who’s there”? I said. Then out of the bushes, one of my brother came out and said “hello”. “Hi good to see you bill, where is mike”? “He washed up on the island with me but he did not make it”. We mourned for a very long time. Then I saw Bills dog,…show more content…
“I just hope that thing is not around anymore”. I said. I and bill have been getting around very easily by the means of that huge dog of his. I swear that Daisy could run forever. “Hey Bill, I think the three of us should rest for the night, where all very tired, I am guessing that the heat is the reason why. “Roar!” “What is that?” I said. “I hope that it’s not what that skeleton guy saw.” Then with my own two eyes, I saw a giant cat running strait at me, bill, and Daisy. We ran for many minutes until jumping off a cliff into the water. Just as I popped my head out of the water I immediately saw the cat looking down on us with big eyes. The poor anima looked sad and lonely on the island. Then I noticed that Daisy had not jumped into the water with me and bill. Then I saw Daisy barking at the giant cat. “Hey Bill, I think I found your dog”. “By golly I thing you did Matt”. Just then the giant cat turned around and looked at Daisy. They both just walked away into the forest side by side until they disappeared into the undergrowth. “Well your dog may be ok with living on this island, but I’m sure that I am

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