Scopes Monkey Trial Essay

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The Scopes Monkey trial was one the biggest and most influential court cases of all time. John Scopes was a public high school teacher in dayton tennessee who was arrested and tried for breaking the butlers law. Passed in 1925 it made teaching evolution in any schools and colleges in the state of Tennessee illegal. This was because evolution challenges the idea of creationism which was the popular religion in the tennessee. this was a huge problem because it was written in the constitution that you must separate church and state. The scopes monkey trial was responsible for bringing a huge amount of attention to the issue and ultimately brought religious freedom to tennessee and many other states who also passed the law.
`Scopes willingly broke this law to spark debate over
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Clarence Darrow came to defend scopes. he had a agnostic view on religion and believe evolution is a important to know about. on the state 's side was William Bryan and christian who believed the bible should be thought of in a literal sense and evolution was a dangerous and would lead to a social movement. Just by knowing this it should have been a mistrial based on the fact that the state attorney 's main argument was that it goes against the literal interpretation of the bible because it 's obviously mixing church and state. Just to show you how silly this argument is heres some quotes from the bible Leviticus 19:27 states: “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard”. so according to “god” anyone who cuts their hair or shaves will go to hell. this makes Bryan a hypocrite and according to his beliefs he should be put on trial. This is why church and state must be separated. if everyone were forced to believe in one religion then we may never figure out the mysteries of the universe and human
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