Scopes Monkey Trial Research Paper

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Who actually won the Scopes Monkey Trial? The case wasn’t closed with a clear winner or loser. In my opinion, there was no winner, there was and still is no set religion or set course of study for science. Many people have argued over whether creationism or evolution is right, but people don’t always focus on what the schools are teaching us. Creationism used to be the primary belief, and now more and more people are losing faith and looking at evolution. In spite of the fact that some people may not be happy with the teaching of both creationism and evolution in schools, I believe they should both be taught. In the event that only creationism were taught, or only evolution, many people would be seeing red. The Scopes Monkey Trial happened…show more content…
Key point being the fact that America has no set religion therefore schools should not teach only evolution, or only creationism. Both should be taught, or neither should be taught. Schools cannot teach neither though because there is valuable knowledge in both. During the trial Scopes said “... violation of my ideal of academic freedom-that is, to teach the truth as guaranteed in our constitution of personal and religious freedom”(“Scopes”). John Scopes had a very eye opening point; stating that he can believe whatever he wants to believe in because he has those rights granted by the Constitution. The role of schools is not to teach us about how us humans got here. It is to teach us the basic things you will need to know in life, such as math, history, geography, and the very basic concepts of biology. Every human being should know what we came from, but nobody knows exactly how it all happened so everything should be taught so that life makes
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