Why I Choose Astrology

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I will choose Astrology. Astrology has been a big part of my life. I strongly believe in it and I can usually judge a person correctly through their horoscope sign.

Scorpio (24.10 - 23.11)

Well, an obvious reason for choosing this sign first is that it's my very own sign, and I wear it proudly. Scorpios are one of the most complicated people you'll ever meet, and to be honest, they are proud of it. They want to be covered with a veil of mystery, hurting those around them in order to attain that. They are secretive, but once they gain a friend, there's nothing in this world they wouldn't do for them. But they usually don't have many friends because not many people can or want to handle them. They want what they don't have, they do their best to achieve it and once they do, they're not even sure if they wanted it in the first place. They are definitely the most honest sign when it comes to stating their opinion - they are not afraid of saying anything out loud. They are also very intelligent, which is due to the specific tuning of their brain. There isn't a field of science they can't study, but because of this, they might get stuck in the
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Pisces is, like Scorpio, a water sign, but unlike the dominant Scorpion, Pisces are submissive and they need someone to steer their life. They need other people for guidance since they are not quite sure about their own minds - basically, they don't trust themselves enough. They are very loyal and sensitive, and as a friend , they're unbelievable. They're willing to suffer for their friends, to go through whatever it is that is making their friend sad or angry or anything, and they will feel the pain with them. They could be called empaths, for their uncanny ability to tune into people's feelings, knowing how others feel, and letting feelings of others influence their own. They love helping others - which can be both a virtue and a flaw - since they'll do anything for you, but they can't turn you
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