Scott Bransford's Camping For Their Lives

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Camping for your life may seem like a fun idea to some people. To others, it is a means of survival. Through a sympathetic and understanding tone, Scott Bransford’s article titled Camping for Their Lives discusses the rise in tent cities across America. Bransford wants everyone to understand what life is like for the people living in these cities. His hope is that by sharing this information, he can help create a better community inspired life for the tent city residents. Overall, this article conveys emotional stories, facts, and even historic comparisons that help make a strong article. Right from the beginning, Bransford engages his readers by sharing the story of Marie and Francisco. He explains how they “didn’t have enough money to sign a lease or take out a mortgage” (Bransford, 2009, p.385). They were fed up with sleeping in shelters so they decided to take things into their own hands and building their own space…show more content…
The whole article is centered on the rise in cities. If there were a visual bar graph that could clearly show the increase, then people would better be able to understand that there is a real threat and real problem that is only growing. However, the picture Bransford included does help promote the severity of the situation. There is a lonely man breaking down as he looks at the place he calls home. This appeals heavily to our emotions. Bransford does a good job at informing us of what tent cities are like. He told us the story about Marie and Francisco, facts regarding the population, and even historical facts regarding previous camps and times of hardship. Tent cities are only spreading and becoming bigger and bigger around the world. The people who call these cities home wish for a new beginning in society. Overall, Bransford made a strong argument that will impact his readers. Hopefully together, we can fill tent cities with

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