Scott Fitzgerald Use Sensory Descriptors In The Old Man And The Sea

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As long as humans rely on some combination of the five senses, authors will be able to appeal to their readers through the use of sensory descriptors. Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald utilize the five senses to express their imagistic style and create an atmosphere in their literature for their readers. The Great Gatsby and The Old Man and the Sea are riddled with allusions to the senses in every scene. The use of sensory description allows the author to portray the feeling or mood of certain fictional situations their characters find themselves in. The reader experiences this fictional atmosphere which allows for them to understand such literary devices as foreshadowing, imagery, and figurative language at play. The use of sensory descriptors in The Great Gatsby and The Old Man and the Sea act as a catalyst for the authors to convey their intention to their readers through their literature. Both Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald utilize descriptive language which plays to all five senses to engage their readers. When Fitzgerald recounts Gatsby and Daisy’s first kiss, he hits every sense which transports the reader…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway feature imagistic descriptions which play to the reader’s senses to engage them in the atmosphere of their literature. Both authors appeal to all five senses in their descriptions to best encourage their audience’s ability to embody their fictional worlds. The use of sensory descriptors created an atmosphere or mood which is then conveyed to the reader through the use of imagery and figurative language. The reader can then better engage with the literature and be further transported to the fictional world which the respective author has created for them. Both Hemingway and Fitzgerald excel at addressing the senses in their imagistic styles of writing, allowing them to better convey the mood of their literature and better connect with their
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