Scott Mccloud

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Most individuals spend little time to consider the weight bestowed upon them as they age into adulthood. The mind forges activities that bring enjoyment out of the mind and a miserable person is born. Now, being a kid, it is okay to have fun, being an adult on the other hand, is a journey of seriousness. That’s what society is prompt to believe. Children are able to understand the meaning of words by vividly seeing it portrayed on paper as images. As adults, the need for art fades and most readings are from the newspaper or long novels consisting of no images. Scott McCloud, a comic theorist illustrates the importance of both images and literature as individuals’ age, he emphasizes on the constant distance both devices face throughout major…show more content…
It’s a childish act believe to waste time. Most individuals are busy and spend most of their days working and doing things to support their family. Most college students spend all day reading, studying, and cramming for that big exam. Most people set aside reading for fun and instead spend that time stressing about the life they aren 't enjoying. McCloud illustrates that as a person ages, reading becomes a passive activity that no one pays mind too. Reading isn 't the most important thing, so it shouldn 't be given all the attention that McCloud gives it. However, a study conducted by Mindlab International at the University of Sussex demonstrates that reading decreases stress by 68% (Telegraph, 2009). By reading alone, an individual is able to escape the reality they hate so terrible and wind down. Most people fail to see the importance of the little things in life like reading, painting, going to art exhibits and just simply living. Society trains the mind to stop being happy because being happy means that life is taken as a joke and that cannot be the case if success is to be attained. Scott McCloud wants the readers of his graphic essay to see the importance of images, not as a source of childish mishap but as a source of enjoyment and laughter. He wants the reader to view the world of comic as a variation of sounds and words and art. All those things allow people to escape from the real world and carve their own stories in their mind that ultimately leads to stress relief and happiness. Reading can vindicate the insanity in individuals by allowing a sort of escape from the world of responsibilities and
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