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Show and Tell Scott McCloud begins his graphic essay, Show and Tell, with a series of sixteen panels of a young boy demonstrating how to turn a toy robot into an airplane. By doing so, McCloud is informing the reader of just how everyone starts out as a child. For example, as McCloud points out, at a day like “Show and Tell”, students would present with them their favorite animal or whatever was needed for that day to present to the class. This is just like using words and images interchangeably which is what everyone was taught to do as a kid. However, this is all considered normal so long as the child grows out of this habit as they approach pre-adulthood. In his graphic essay, McCloud outlines the stereotypes that people associate with comics.…show more content…
Both of these sources include the usage of both words and pictures. Political cartoons are certainly just one of many examples that oppose the idea of traditional thinking. The purpose of these cartoons is to send a message to the reader concerning an event that might have just occurred on the news. They also follow similar procedures as photographic essays and comic books. Everyone reads these cartoons. They are in newspapers, magazines, and other sources of media which does not make them any less different than comic…show more content…
Even though society widely regards them as perhaps childish and not a possible future job career, a typical stereotype, the examples mentioned above prove that comic books are not the only examples of sequential art. Other examples include political cartoons, folk tales, presentations and even blog posts. For instance, some people might work as a blogger, or a political cartoonist in which case their work is that much similar to a comic book writer. So, if it is okay to be one of those two then why would it be foolish to like comics and to publish your own as part of a living. McCloud does also states “a certain vague longing for that time over 50 centuries ago when to tell was to show and to show was to tell.” This statement was to reinforce the fact that even centuries ago, people used images and words to tell stories to children which is then passed on to the other generations. McCloud feels that if he was living in that era, that making comics would probably not be as overlooked as it is now. Although, McCloud does hope that whoever has read his graphic essay, can now understand the true meaning of what comic books are all about and can persuade our youth that they do not need to break their habit of reading such

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