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1. Larry Ingram is the CEO of a distribution company and Scott Patterson is a sales person for perfect solutions. Ingram is one of Patterson’s top distributors for Perfect Solution products. Ingram came to find that Patterson gave lower prices to another distribution company called Barber distributing. Patterson lies and says that he gave the same deal, when in actuality he didn’t. In the end, Ingram feels that if Patterson gave them a deal, it’s only right to give his company a deal as well, and if he didn’t, he would take his business to Dymotzue Company, a competitor to Patterson’s company. Ingram asked Patterson for a deal of 2 truckloads of the product Bond-do-Perm, and Patterson lies and says he can get it by the end of the month or even for free. Knowing before the conversation he made a phone call to the manufacturer who told him the products will not be available for two months. He then offers a free product, knowing it’s only for those who are new customers. Patterson feels pressured…show more content…
If I were Scott Patterson, there would be nothing best but to tell the truth. I would tell Ingram that I gave Barber Distributing a deal and I would explain why I gave them a deal. Also, if it was possible to give Ingram a deal I would. I would also explain to Ingram, that our company manufacturer is delayed for 2 month because of defective products and we would offer the new product after every item is in the clear. In this situation I would be a conventional salesperson. I make the best decisions based on the rules and guidelines of the company.
3. If I were Larry Ingram, I would most likely go with the Dymotzue Company. Although Perfect Solutions has been my partner for ten years, the lies that Patterson told could cause problems for my company in the long-run. I would not trust Patterson, and trust is one of the key points when having business relationships. If I cannot rely on him, and he continues to lie, in the end my business will end up with nothing but

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