Scott Peterson Double Murder Case

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The legal issue as discussed above is related to whether there is enough physical evidence to say that Scott Peterson is the murderer. His behavior, the fact that he had an affair with Amber Fray shortly before his wife 's disappearance that he continued to do so after her disappearance, and that he lied multiple times, and his going to the Berkley Marina on the day of his wife 's disappearance while the bodies of the victims were found not too far from that location, make him a very likely suspect. He also had a life insurance of 250 000$ put under Laci 's name (Dockterman, 1), and showed a behavior that would suggest him leaving the country before being tried also adds to this belief. However, there is still not direct evidence of him committing the murder so there is an issue as to accusing someone of murder and sentencing him to death with this kind of evidence, is it enough and would this be just? Moreover, the state of California considers an 8 weeks old or older fetus as a victim. This allowed the defendant to be judged for double murder. It creates legal issues when dealing with cases of abortion for who is to say that abortion is not also a case of murder.…show more content…
This would be in conflict with the laws following Roe v. Wade 's legalization of abortion (Johnson, 1) and would put women considering abortion in a very delicate situation, and would make them face criminal

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