Scott Russell Sanders's Looking At Women

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Scott Russell Sanders’ essay, “Looking at Women”, contains his views about women that originate from his experience living among a given group of people. In fact, it is apparent that his opinion results from his childhood memories. The quotes he chooses as well as language depict his opinion about how men view women and illustrate that his thoughts were acquired during his early years of life. As stated, his thoughts originate from the personal views of other people about women. Thus, this paper seeks to examine his perspectives about women. In particular, it shows that women attract the attention of men by wearing fancy clothes and attending beauty pageants to get noticed.
There are two individuals who entirely shape his view of women. First, his friend, Norman, affects the way he regards women by referring to a girl as a chassis, a name that sets a particular mentality in Sanders’ mind. It forms half of the way he views women, a view that he considers as withheld from the
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The author approaches the question both as a man and a human raised in a humble background. It is essential to note that a woman would not want to be viewed as cattle in a farm or some merchandise on sale. Therefore, it raises the question as to how men should view women or not. The author questions himself why some women mimic dolls in their appearance if at all they do not want to be viewed as merchandise. Therefore, he gazes them and appreciates their beauty as an exhibition enthusiast would master painting or beautiful sculpture. The author questions why women would wear fancy clothes and attend beauty pageants for reasons other than attracting the attention of men. He also discusses the sexual influences and displays, which women in young adulthood experience with more dangerous inclinations to do evil manifested in advertising and
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