Scott Walker's Argument In Favor Of Welfare Reform

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No Benefit Required Throughout history, dating back as early as the 1800’s, the government has worked to reform the welfare system in the United States. The goal of reform is to reduce the population of government dependent people and to assist those who are dependent in finding self- sufficiency (Welfare Reform …). In July, Scott Walker addressed the need for reform in his budget proposal. In the revision, he omitted any wording that would limit the ability of government to test applicants and recipients of Food-share and unemployment in Wisconsin. He claims the testing will be used to better prepare individuals for the workplace and rehabilitate those, testing positive for drugs, with state funded treatment plans (Scott Walkers Light …).…show more content…
In contrast to misguided beliefs, fifty eight percent of recipients to this program live in a home where there is an employed person. Forty five percent of the program is funded to children under the age of eighteen, eleven percent goes to disabled adults, and eight percent goes to benefit those over sixty years of age (Pros and Cons …). This clearly defines the large population of this government benefit and rejects the information suggested by Scott Walker. Food-share fraud is another reason for proposers of drug mandating laws in Wisconsin. This idea is based on assumption as well. According to statistics, fraudulent activity has decreased over the past fifteen years and ninety five percent of the federal funding goes directly to benefit the hungry by food purchases. Recipients use an electric debit card that make alcohol and cigarette purchases impossible. Most fraudulent activity with the card is reported to rest on the retailer alone, not the purchaser. Scott Walker implies that food-share is a negative benefit for the taxpayer in Wisconsin, but economists have found that SNAP purchases generate $1.73 in economic activity across the United States (Pros and Cons

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