Scott Wooster's Ebenezer Lodge Case Study

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Members of Wooster 's Ebenezer Lodge 33 expressed a desire for a full-scale Masonic ceremony when the county commissioners return an archival box to a stone niche in the Wayne County Courthouse. Community leaders like the idea of combining the event with the annual Ohio Light Opera concert, which features patriotic and popular music, on July 4th. While the two events are not necessarily mutually exclusive, there is a scheduling conflict. The grand master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio might be able to lead a ceremony on July 2, but not on July 4th, said Commissioner Scott Wiggam, who was leading a committee meeting regarding the time capsule/archival box. A member from the Masonic Lodge was unable to attend the Friday morning meeting, however, the group might have arrived at a Solomonic decision: Schedule the Masonic ceremony for the replacement of the archival box…show more content…
The time capsule will contain other materials, and what those will be remain a point of discussion. The committee wants to have elementary school students involved and have the capsule opened in 50 years. Though the intent might have been for the archival box to remain sealed and unopened, Wiggam said it was serendipitous the box was because the paper contents inside were moist. The moisture could have ruined the newspapers, playbills, rosters, photographs and other sensitive materials in it. Hull supports the idea of having a time capsule ceremony prior to the OLO concert because there will be about 2,000 people downtown. The committee will continue to meet and are wanting to wrap up plans sooner rather than later. Peterson said it is important to move quickly because school will soon be out for summer vacation. Broehl has drafted a letter to school superintendents in the county, and the committee will look at it and make suggestions before a final version is

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