Scottsboro Boys: Pb's American Experience

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Scottsboro Boys PB’s American Experience has impacted the view of racism towards blacks immensely. This event was a very prominent turning point in American history. The Scottsboro boys case has been one of the largest cases involving a black man (men) and a white women in the case of rape. This event has affected how people are judged now including taking age into consideration, not getting the facts correct, and the fact that black’s used to be very unfairly treated just because of the color of their skin. Laws, punishments, and law enforcement have changed very much since the 1930’s. Much of the racism has gone down, but it has also turned into other types of racism. Truly, the Scottsboro boys case has impacted American History in a very large way. Many people see it as a turning point of the progression of racism. A prominent change from this time period to now is the type of punishment received. Being quick to punish is not always…show more content…
The Scottsboro case contributed to this situation in a very large way. Before the case blacks were automatically judged because the color of their skin. The two women who were allegedly raped on the train were white. All eight of the men accused were black men under the age of twenty. Considering these things it is obvious to see that many people treated the Scottsboro boys differently, because of their skin color. Recently, news articles have been released telling stories of a white police officer who threw a disobedient black girl on the ground. Many are making the argument, that because the police officer is white and the girl is black, he only harmed her because of her color. Others saying that if , instead, she was white, then none of this would have happened. Also, along with this story the argument could be made the same with the Scottsboro case. Maybe if then men and the women would have been the same color, then the case wouldn 't have been such a big
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