Scottsboro Film Analysis

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Today America may be the least racist ever. In the American experience video it showed a lot of history of the racism that went on in early 1900s. There is a lot of stuff in the video that can show things that had a great impact on American history. It showed how racist people were. In the history, and maybe a little today. The way the story was told accurately portrays events, and how the video explained it. Racism was the strongest in the 1930s and since then racism has narrowed down. There is many events in the movie that I will be explaining.

First off, Scottboro has had a great part in racism history in America and maybe some other places in the World. It would first make a great impact on people right after the great depression. The way that the history is told the people were still very racist after the great depression. The people were probably the most
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People may still be racist today, so I don 't know If the history of these events had the greatest impacts on them. Americans are still very racist today, the history although impacts people today. People today that watches the video will probably be not racist because the movie does an excellent job explaining the events on history of the great depression. Clearly, the history of the racist times have impacted people today.

The Scottsboro Trials heightened the nation 's emotions. The Scottsboro was good for the North because it United the races. They marched and worked together to free the Scottsboro boys. Their most famous marching slogan was, "Black and White unite and fight." The unification of races hadn 't happened since pre-Civil war. The South had lots of anger and resentment. The South felt judged because of the North and to mind there own business. Resentment had old feeling from the Civil war where restarted. Every time the Scottsboro boys got a new trial Alabama got

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