Scottsboro Tragedy Vs To Kill A Mockingbird

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In this document about the Scottsboro tragedy, the information that was given stated that there were nine boys named Haywood Patterson, Clarence Norris, Willie Roberson, Ozie Powell, Andy Wright, Charlie Weemes, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams and Roy Wright. Haywood Patterson got his hand stepped on by a White man, causing Haywood to almost fall off the train. When he was told that the train was only a White train, Haywood and the other 8 boys got into a fight with the White men and threw them off the train. The White men went back looking for this “gang” of boys and found two women, Ruby Bates and Victoria. Both women said they were raped by the group of boys. The White men found the boys, which was followed by a three day trial, where all nine boys were found guilty. Roy Wright was the only one to be sentenced to life in prison because he was only thirteen years old at the time of conviction. The other boys were sentenced to death by the Electric Chair.…show more content…
The video says the parents of the nine boys brought together $60 to pay a real estate lawyer to defend the boys. Atticus is portrayed in To Kill A Mockingbird as the lawyer for Tom Robinson. Both cases can be unfairly tried in courts, they were accused of things with no evidence. We are not told much about the lawyer for the Scottsboro trial, but in theory the lawyer only took the case for the money because he knew he was going to lose. Atticus also knew he was going to lose, but he took the case with a good
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