Scout Honor Character Analysis

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“Scout Honor” by Avi is a short realistic story. In the begging, main character thinks that joining a boy scout would make him tougher. Soon. they go on a huge camping trip and they're all scared but there acting like they're tough and brave. In the end, they end up giving up and going home, but first the main character confesses that he wasn't tough enough the whole time. This story shows that the whole time the main character was acting tough. The toughest thing he ever did was admitting he wasn't tough in the first place.
One reason that the main character tries to act tough, is when he announces that he is going on a camping trip. For example, in paragraph 18 the author says, “I'm going camping in the palisades next weekend.
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For example in paragraph 78 ther author says “I’m going i said.” In paragraph 78, for example, the character does go on the bridge to try to start his bravery and he is trying to do it in front of his friends. He wants to make his friends look like wimps while he does bravery thongs so they can go home. “Maybe the other guys had chickened out if they had, I could quit because of them.”
My last reason the main character acts like he is tough is in the end. For example, in paragraph 125 the author says “ In paragraph 125, for example, the character does say something he did was the bravest to admit he wasn't tough. This means he was technically the bravest because he was the first that he wasn't tough in the first place. “Ok i admit it. I'm not as tough as you guys.”
There are tons of things that the main character does to act tough. The main character causally, calmly announces that he is going camping in the palisades. The main character tries to act tough is when he thought that if he went on the bridge first his friends would give up. The main character is tough is at the end because he finally admitted that he wasn't tough in the first place. So working out or doing dangerous things just won't make you tough and brave, doing other things like admitting that you weren't tough or brave in the first
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