Scouting Legion Monologue

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I stood atop the wall alongside several of my fellow ex-trainees. Toris Laurinaitis, a mousy young man with light brown hair and green eyes, stared into the far distance where the settlements within Wall Maria once stood. He looked distant as he scanned the horizon. I guessed he must have lived in Wall Maria too. "So, where do we go from here?" Toris asked to no one in particular. "We go wherever we want to go. After today, we choose which part of the military we spend our lives in," Tino said. "I don 't know about any of you," I started. "But I 'm going to join the Scouting Legion." Gasps were heard and heads turned, all looking at me. "You want to join the Scouting Legion? Are you asking for a death wish?" Gilbert asked. His red…show more content…
The steam cleared and no Titan was in sight. The only thing we saw was... "He broke the wall! He broke the wall!" someone screamed. As I looked down, I noticed they were right. Not only had he ruined our defences, he had smashed through the wall separating the Trost district from what used to be Wall Maria. The entire town would have been in danger if no one did anything! Gradually, the people around me scaled the wall to reach the remains of the top. I followed them up, landing on the now uneven top. A man from the Garrison (at least the emblem on his jacket said so) was stood there already. "You are all now fully fledged soldiers so you will fight for this land and for the people. You need to meet in the square for proper orders. Dismissed!" he said. We all saluted and quickly headed to get our orders. Everyone who walked with me seemed bothered by the encounter with the Titan, and I honestly didn 't blame them. We 're only human after all.
I was sure that none of the new soldiers knew quite what to do. I stood in the courtyard, surrounded by those who felt they were unready to fight the titans. Some people seemed like emotional wrecks, crying as if that would stop them being sent out to sort out
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