Scout's Honor Analysis

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Importance of Being Prepared
“Scout’s Honor” by Avi is a realistic fiction short story about three boys who go on a camping trip by themselves, in a different state, for Boy Scouts. In the beginning, the main character doesn’t feel brave enough, so he goes on a camping trip with his two best friends. Soon, they realize they don’t really know what they are doing and where they need to go. In the end they all admit they aren’t brave enough, which made them braver. The boys were not mature enough, though. This story shows that the boys were not prepared for the trip.
One reason why the boys were not prepared for the trip is because they did not bring enough food. The boys brought food that needed to be refrigerated. Only one boy thought about
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The boys had to take the subway by themselves, not knowing where to go. For example, in paragraph #43, the author says, “On the subway platform, we realized we did not know which station we were heading for.” They thought the subway map was a blown up noodle factory. They then had to walk the rest of the way to New Jersey. In paragraph #83, Max pulls out his compass and says, “North is that way.” Max thinks north is always the way to go, but of course, it is not. This is important because because the boys are 9 years old, going into another state with no adult supervision.
The final reason why the boys were not prepared for the trip is because they did not have the proper tools. Horse used a dull hatchet to cut down a tree and to open beans. For example, in paragraph #56, “Forgot a can open.” Once again, they do not know how to use the compass correctly. For example, in paragraph #83, “Don’t worry,” Max said. “I’ve got my compass.” A dull hatchet is more dangerous than a sharp hatchet. A compass is a tool, but it it is not a useful tool when you do not know how to use it correctly. This shows the boys were not mature enough to think before they do
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