Scouts Honor Character Analysis

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“Scouts Honor”, by Avi is a realistic short story about three kids that go camping all by themselves in the country.In the beginning, the three nine year old kids worried that they weren't tough enough,so they joined boy scouts.They all wanted to get to the next level in boy scouts, so they went camping all by themselves.Soon they discover that they didn't bring the right things to go camping with, they brought things like canned beans, with no can opener.A dull hatchet, and a whole mattress.In the end, they were all very hungry,cold, wet, and tired.The main character finally said, “Let's go home”.And no one objected.The characters change from being tough to changing their minds about being tough. One way the characters change their minds about being tough is, in the beginning, they are all trying so hard to act tough.They are all saying that they want to go camping, because they wanted to prove that they were tough.For example, the main character says, “Look, I don't know about you, but I don't intend to be a tenderfoot all my life.Anyway, doing stuff in the city is for sissies.Scouting is real camping.Besides, I like roughing it.”in paragraph twenty two.In paragraph thirty, the character realized that he had made a mistake, because now he really does have to act tough because his friends are coming with him.And it was too
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