What Is Scout's Identity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Scout’s Identity To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the time period was around 1930’s right in the middle of the Great Depression. The view of the book is through a young girl named Scout. She lives in the small Southern town called Maycomb County, Alabama. With her family, Atticus, her father and her brother, Jem. Her mother died when she was 2 years old, from a heart attack. With the death of her mother at a young age she has grown up to be a mischievous tomboy it is often scorned upon from town folks and family members from hanging out and playing with her brother, Jem and her father. As a six year old child, and in first grade, Scout loves to play, and doesn’t take responsibility. As Scout grows up in the middle class, she takes things…show more content…
The teacher, Ms Caroline gave money to Walter Cunningham, which he refused to take the money. Scout tried to explain in to the teacher, but she got a whipping instead. Scout rubbed Walters “nose on the dirt” (Lee) Scout didn’t take responsibility what she did to walter, and embarrassing Ms, Caroline in front of the class, instead she blamed Walter, for embarrassing her in class. Explain: Answer, Cite, Explain (Use MLA Citation). (3 Sentences Minimum) Poverty has shaped her life by taking things for granted and thinks everything will go her way. Scout isn’t really poor as the farmers, but isn’t rich like others. She has a cook named Calpurnia. When Scout and Calpurnia has a fight, Calpurnia always won because of Atticus. Scout “felt her tyrannical presence” because Cal always ordering her around. Once when she was mad at Calpurnia, She “suggested that Atticus lose no time in packing her off.” Cal was making sure that Scout was in check when there was guest around. Scout thought that Atticus would send Cal away because that’s what she wanted. Instead Atticus kept her because without her Explain: Answer, “Sometimes it’s better to bend the law a little in special cases., Explain (Use MLA Citation). (3 Sentences Minimum) Explain: Answer, Cite, Explain (Use MLA Citation). (3 Sentences
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