Screen Free Week Essay

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On average, a person with a phone checks it up to, or over, 85 times a day, according to The Huffington Post. Now technology has advanced so much that the use of it is rising very fast. In schools and at home, teenagers use technology so much, which is why the “Screen Free Week” would benefit the students.The “Screen Free Week” is where the students are not able to use their phones, or anything that has a screen. But some say there is no problem with the increasing technology usage in our teens today. Montesano students should try the “Screen Free Week” because it will improve many aspects of their lives. One main reason Montesano students should be included in the “Screen Free Week” is the screens cause distractions to the students. In section 3 Matt Richtel said,“Scientist say…show more content…
In section 4 ,Sarah Jane Brian said, ”Teens text so much they don’t spend enough time talking with others face to face. That could be hurting their relationships with friends and family.” When teens are always on their phone they never get out of the house and get together with friends. So the less amount of friends the more chance of boredness and not wanting to go to school. Also being on their phones make them lazy and less active which is not good for their brains or muscles, and if their muscles aren’t good then our physical education and sports team will have a substantially lower amount of fit students . In section 1 Keith Hampton said “ According to my own and Matthew Brashears studies, Americans have fewer intimate relationships today than 20 years ago.” Phones make us lazy and not wanting to do things with others, like going out with the date, or not doing schoolwork. It also makes us not as easily able to talk with others face to face which is a life skill they need to learn. Phones make us lazy and less sociable with friends and family which can lead to the student being
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