Screen Time By Nanea Hoffman Summary

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Nanea Hoffman argues against traditional beliefs in regard to how long children should be on their devices. One situation Hoffman discusses is the idea that with longer screen time induces a vegetative state where her children cannot be peeled off of their device. Hoffman states that her children are given as much screen time as they would like, as long as all of their normal around-the-house duties are met. She also argues that she does not give her children total control over electronics as she knows the passwords for each device. Hoffman says that one way other families use electronics may be different than how hers does. The author believes their way of using laptops and handheld devices is a way to being her family close to people, weather that be to friends or each other.…show more content…
Altogether, Hoffman wants her audience to realize that electronics should not be a scary topic when it comes to their children and to embrace it to use in a productive setting. I believe Hoffman’s view on screen time is constructive to her children’s future. Parents should not block their children from electronics, but set boundaries to what they can watch instead of for how long. Personally, I see my devices as an escape and even a reward in some cases. If we shield our children from electronics, two things will happen; they will find a way to use someone else’s devices behind our backs or they will grow up with a disadvantage compared to other
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